5 things people love about Carria


  1. It’s just so easy to carry heavy cases of cans or bottles, even over a long distance. No more aching arms and hands, or those cardboard excuses for “handles” cutting into your fingers.

  2. One hand is free for other things, like carrying shopping bags, answering your mobile, holding a child’s hand, unlocking your car or carrying another carton of drink in a second Carria.

  3. It’s much safer than carrying a case in your hands or on your shoulder, virtually eliminating the risk of dangerous and costly breakages.

  4. It's quick and easy to use. The Carria wraps around a case in seconds, it's simple to fit in-store and doesn't interfere with scanning at checkout. One size fits all packs of 24 or 30 cans or bottles sold in Australia (see "What can I carry?") and it rolls up into a compact cylinder shape that fits in your car’s glove box.

  5. It’s excellent value at $9.95 (plus postage). Even better if you haven’t been able to enjoy the cost saving of cases until now, because you couldn’t carry them!