What can I carry?

The Carria fits every slab or case of 24 or 30 cans or bottles of beer, mixed drinks and non-alcoholic drinks including bottled water, sold in Australia. And just to make sure you're covered, if you buy a Carria and find it doesn't fit a slab or case as described above, tell us the name of the product and we'll refund your money including postage.

That's all you need to know about what the Carria fits but if you're into details read on. The Carria is designed to fit cases measuring between 28cm and 44cm in length, and between 70cm and 104 cm around the “girth," where "girth" = (Width + Height) x 2.


Maximum weight limit

Most cases of cans and bottles of drink weigh less than 16 kg, and the Carria has been tested to well above that weight. However, to ensure a margin for safety, we don’t advise lifting any weight in excess of 20 kg with a Carria.