Belldale Pty Ltd respects your privacy. We will only ask you for information necessary to process your order. We will not sell or pass on in any way, to any other organisation, information you provide to us, except for information required by our payments processing service provider or unless we are required by law to provide certain information. You may provide us with your telephone number. If you do, we will only contact you by phone if we need to clarify something in relation to your order. We ask that you provide us with your email address when placing your order. We will only contact you by email in relation to an order or to give you information that we think you will find useful. If you wish not to receive emails you may unsubscribe from the option on any email sent or by contacting us. We will not install cookies on your computer.

More information on privacy legislation is available from the Federal Privacy Commissioner at


Whether you register with PayPal and pay through your PayPal account or choose to pay with your credit card, the transaction is processed with the security of PayPal systems (visit the PayPal website for details).