Using your Carria

1. Open the Carria out flat on the floor or on top of a stack of cases. Make sure the name is facing down.

2. Lift or roll your case onto the Carria so that it’s about 10cm from the centre, closer to the wide end. The distance varies depending on the type of case – you’ll soon get to know the best position. 




3. Make sure the case is centred on the Carria – don’t have one end overlapping more than the other. 



4. Pick up both ends of the Carria and feed the handle under the long plastic part at the other end.

5. Lift the case off the floor using the Carria handle. If the case tilts a lot to one side, rest it on the floor and pull on the handle or the other plastic part to readjust the position. You’ll soon get to know which way to adjust for a tilt to the left or right. A small tilt doesn’t matter – excessive tilt may cause the case to rub on your leg. 



6. Check again that the case is evenly balanced (see step 3) and you’re ready to go.


When used correctly, one of the most important benefits of the Carria is safety. So please take careful note of the following.

1. Steps 3 and 6 above are very important. If a case is not balanced in the Carria it could slide out.

2. The Carria is designed to fit cases of 24 bottles and 24 or 30 cans of most popular brands of beer, mixed drinks and non-alcoholic drinks. Specifically, it is designed to fit cases measuring between 28 cm and 44 cm in length and between 70 cm and 104 cm around the girth, where "girth" = (Width + Height) x 2.

NOTE: 104 cm covers every beverage pack we know of on the Australian market. If you find a pack that's too big for your Carria, tell us about it and we'll refund your money.



Maximum weight limit

Most cases of cans and bottles of drink weigh less than 16 kg, and the Carria has been tested to well above that weight. However, to ensure a margin for safety, we don’t authorise the lifting of any weight in excess of 20 kg with a Carria.

When you’re not using your Carria

Always roll up the webbing around the long plastic part after use to avoid tangles and attach a rubber band.

When you’re ready to use again, remove the rubber band, hold the handle and allow the webbing to drop down and unroll.

If the straps become twisted, it’s easy to fix. There are 3 rectangles formed by the 2 long straps and the 2 cross straps. Check which rectangle is twisted and simply feed the handle back through that rectangle.

Warning: The Carria is designed specifically to carry cases of beverages. Using it to carry a case of beverage that does not meet the specifications set out under the headings “What can I carry?” “Maximum Weight Limit” and “Using Your Carria” on this website, or using it to carry any object other than a case of beverages, may void the warranty and may be unsafe.